Monkey see, monkey do - English Version


Monkeys tend to repeat everything that man does, and they do it by imitation. Educational systems, especially those too heavily intervened by the government, tend to make children lose their creative ability. So, children LEARN to imitate the teacher, to do exactly what he does, just like monkeys do.

Recently, we learned the result of the PISA report on the level of school education in Catalonia. Everyone has given their opinion. Those responsible for the education system have thrown balls out in a contradictory way: while the policy of the current government is to convey that "immigrants are very good", the education minister has said that: "it is the fault of the migrants". Later, the minister changed her mind and blamed other factors such as the pandemic or the planetary conjunction!

Sure? It is one thing to open the doors wide open to foreign citizens without requiring a MINIMUM of integration which may consist of knowledge of the language and respect for the laws of the country that hosts them, and to inform them that in case of committing crimes, his stay with us IS OVER. A very different thing is that neither the schools, nor the teachers nor the education department, think of dividing the students by levels of knowledge, as France has just seen the real disaster that means "essential skills" and not "minimum knowledge".

It's been over thirty years since the central government implemented this education system that values "skills" like "touching your nose" over knowledge like basic maths or being able to read and understand what you read or to write correctly.

This system allows anyone with minimum requirements to access a teaching position. You do not need to demonstrate a vocation as a teacher or teaching skills. The teacher will only have to put up with the students during school hours (less and less) and be the screen on which parents and society project all their frustrations.

And if all this is not enough, some political parties with infantilized ministers believe that raising issues such as climate change or sexual identity to students who are children who are still playing with toys is incredibly positive for their future! What can these children who are robbed of their childhood solve if they don't have the minimum KNOWLEDGE to solve the most essential things like understanding what you read and expressing yourself clearly?

© Manel Aljama (desembre 2023)
Escriptor, Editor, Podcaster, Creador de Continguts i Formador de Tecnologies

© Photo by Nicola Tolin on Unsplash

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