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The chimera of sex transition


Anything you can do... I can do better! - NO! You can't

Anyone who believes that the surgery that consists of removing the genitals turns them into a man or a woman is living a terrible delusion. In the case of a man, it is not enough for the surgeon to make him a fake vagina with the remains of his penis, he must take hormones and have artificial breasts implanted to look like a woman. Even if it looks like it, she is not a real woman. He doesn't have and never will have a uterus or ovaries and he'll keep his prostate which will remind him when the time comes that he was born a man and unfortunately for him he's wasted money on expensive surgery, he'll suffer from man's diseases and not those of the woman she wants to be. Also, the DNA will carry markers that will say he was born "male" or "female," as the case may be.

The case of the woman who wants to be a man is even more horrifying. They remove her breasts, uterus and ovaries and implant her with a hydraulic penis or some other kind that will never be a real penis. And of course, DNA will always say he was born female.

Let it be clear that an adult can do what he wants with his body, but raising the issue of sex transition to school-aged children or teenagers who are known to go from one extreme to the other is not to have many scruples as human beings.

Unscrupulous politics has created the inclusive language which is nothing more than an invention to pervert the nature that fortunately, we destroy, but do not completely dominate. Removing by law words like "mother" or "woman" to say "egg producer" seems perverse to me. This language and the laws they have created about it are too reminiscent of George Orwell's dystopian "Neospeak" in his novel "1984", an anti-communist and anti-Soviet novel.

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