dimecres, 4 de gener de 2023

 Let’s talk about philosophy!



‘Please, take a card and read it,’ said the master of ceremonies. The first contestant picked the card on top of the stack.
‘Schopenhauer,’ he read.
‘Schopenhauer begins with S,’ answered the master. ‘Now, you can pick up the next card,
said to the other contestant.
‘Socrates,’ said as he showed to the rest of people in the table.
‘You all can see, Socrates starts with S, like Schopenhauer,’ the master concluded.

© Manel Aljama (gener 2022)
Escriptor, Editor, Podcaster, Creador de Continguts i Formador de Tecnologies 

© Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

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